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Expanding Language with Questions | Boom Cards Deck ($4.50 Value)

Expand expressive language using wh- questions and sentence generation prompts with real pictures. Improve expressive language, answering questions, labeling verbs, and story generation! What, where, and who questions are included for every picture!

➡️ 80 Digital Boom Cards for Expanding Language with Real Pictures

  • 4 activities for every picture
  • 3 wh- questions with fill in the blank for every story
  • Free response prompt with fill in the blank for every story
  • Space for creating your own sentence or story using the picture
  • What, where, and who questions for every story

    Targeted Skills

    • Improve expressive language
    • Enhance skills for answering questions
    • Boost sentence and story generation skills
    • Develop verb describing and labeling

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    Samantha Doherty

    Samantha Doherty

    Shine Speech Activities

    Hi, I’m Samantha, nice to meet you! I am a licensed SLP and designer. I create engaging activities to improve communication skills. My resources are made for therapists, educators and students to love!

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