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Lifestyle Short Stories: Paragraph Comprehension & Wh-Questions | Boom Cards Deck ($7 Value)

Are your students working on reading and/or auditory comprehension? This deck is geared toward elementary students (or older students with more severe language impairments) who are working on answering yes-no questions and wh-questions about short, simple stories. If students are able, they can read the paragraphs to themselves and answer the questions. If you are working on auditory comprehension, read the text to the student(s) or click the speaker for audio

This deck has 100 cards for targeting passage comprehension with evergreen stories — they have a lifestyle theme that can be used all year-round. Click on the folder tab for the desired level — 4 levels allow for individualized practice for your students.


4 Levels of questions: Yes-No Questions, WH-Questions Multiple Choice (4 text options), WH-Questions Open Ended & Opinion/Making Connections Questions, and a WH-Graphic Organizer with symbols.

4 Stories: A Kiss at the Park, Family Movie Night, Moving to a New Town, A Long Day Shopping.

**Audio of each short story is available (just click the sound icon!). Perfect for individual work/ practice/ centers. Visual supports for each wh-question referent are provided.

Super fun for students and provides immediate feedback!

No printing, laminating, cutting, binding, or data collection necessary!!

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Heather Kaufman

Heather Kaufman

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Hi, I’m Heather and I’m a school-based SLP working with preschool and elementary students in Maryland. I love creating interactive, digital (& print!) resources for articulation, language, functional communication, and more!

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