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Topics and Questions for Language Therapy: Boom Cards Deck ($4.50 Value)

80 unique topics with 4 wh- questions and a story prompt to improve expressive and receptive language skills, with REAL pictures. Questions and story prompts improve story telling and sentence generation skills. What, where, who, when, why, and how questions are included, with 4 different questions for each picture.

⭐ 80 Topics & Categories

  • 5 activities for each topic
  • Real picture for every topic
  • 4 wh-/how questions for every topic
  • 1 story prompt for every topic
  • What, where, who, when, why, and how questions included

    ➡️ Targeted Skills

    • Improve receptive & expressive language
    • Enhance skills for answering questions
    • Boost story telling skills
    • Develop noun labeling and describing

    Practice describing topics and categories, by answering questions and discussing a story prompt for each topic!

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    Samantha Doherty

    Samantha Doherty

    Shine Speech Activities

    Hi, I’m Samantha, nice to meet you! I am a licensed SLP and designer. I create engaging activities to improve communication skills. My resources are made for therapists, educators and students to love!

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