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No Prep Tier 2 Vocabulary Training Evidence Based Activities ⎸ Stanley’s Party

This Evidence Based NO PREP resource makes it easy to implement Tier 2 vocabulary instruction for elementary students. Vocabulary is introduced using a fun children’s storybook, Stanley’s Party, followed by robust activities with opportunities for children to experience the vocabulary words in multiple contexts. This is a comprehensive resource divided into 6 lessons and can be used across multiple sessions. Use it for individual or group sessions.
Tier 2 vocabulary consists of high-utility words, yet are not typically acquired through incidental learning and therefore require explicit instruction.
Tier 2 Vocabulary included:
• Assume
• Careless
• Determined
• Evident
• Nevertheless
• Predict

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Lisa Cytrynbaum

Lisa Cytrynbaum


Hi, I’m Lisa, an SLP in Vancouver Canada with my own private practice. I create fun and functional no prep resources to make life easier for my fellow SLPs, and to help them keep clients engaged while learning.

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