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Articulation Ice Cream Games: Later Developing Sounds Boom Cards ($10 Value)

This articulation resource includes 10 total Ice Cream Games, designed for 2 players. There is one game for each speech sound: F, V, S, Z, SH, CH, R, L, and a FREE PLAY game (with no articulation cards).

Each articulation game has its own game board with player pieces, a stack of picture-word articulation cards, and ice cream topping supplies to build your own ice cream cone as you play. Choose your player piece and move along the path, turning over a speech sound card on each turn. When you land on a space the same color as your player piece, add that topping to your ice cream cone. Either go around the board once, and the player with the most toppings wins, or continue playing until one player gets all their toppings. You need a spinner to play.

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Lisa Cytrynbaum

Lisa Cytrynbaum


Hi, I’m Lisa, an SLP in Vancouver Canada with my own private practice. I create fun and functional no prep resources to make life easier for my fellow SLPs, and to help them keep clients engaged while learning.

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