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Back to School Inferencing | Boom Cards Deck ($4 Value)

This back to school BOOM Cards™ activity targets inferencing skills, descriptive language skills, categorization, and sentence formulation. It contains 42 school-themed vocabulary words within six different categories. The included categories are: lunchbox foods, school supplies, school staff, playground equipment, classroom subjects, and places in school. A complete vocabulary word list is included. Visual sentence strips are included on each slide.

Students will read aloud the item description in the right-hand column. Students will guess what school-related vocabulary word is being described. For students who need increased visual supports, drag the classroom scene beneath the “PICTURE HINT” label to reveal 2

picture options, with the correct target and a foil. Once the student has guessed the described item, move aside the school-related item in the center of the slide to reveal the answer.

Drag the revealed image into the open box to formulate a complete sentence: “It is a ____.” A hidden “describing” tab containing visual supports is included on each slide to assist students in describing items based on feature, function, and class. This product is recommended for upper elementary school school students. Please note this product is not self-checking.

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Arielle Rubinstein

Arielle Rubinstein

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Hi, I’m Arielle! I’m a school-based SLP working with preschool and elementary students in a large public school district in NJ. I enjoy creating interactive resources targeting articulation, phonology, and language. I mostly create digital resources but am working on making printables as well!

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