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Phonology Build-A-Snake Games: Stopping Boom Cards ($6 Value)

This BOOM Learning deck addresses the phonological process of stopping through three different games: “Find the snake”, “Snake Builder” and a “Memory Match” game. Open-ended play slides are provided at the end of each game. There are 8 targets (word sets) per contrastive sound pair, for a total of 56 word-sets. The following minimal pairs are targeted:

-F/P initial

-F/P final

-V/B initial

-V/P final

-S/D initial

-S/T initial

-S/T final

The mini-game instructions are described below:

-“Find the Snake”: uncover 5 garden snakes in each scene by moving the draggable images. When a snake is located, place it on the mouth symbol (featuring placement cues for the target sound) and ask the student to practice the target sound. Then, put the snake in the net. This allows for repeated practice opportunities of the target sound in isolation. Includes 8 unique scenes.

-“Snake Builder”: Build a snake by dragging the colored body parts and design elements from the grids and placing them in the center of the slide. The target word pairs are located in the grid on the left-hand side. Remove the body parts/design elements to reveal each word. The word pairs are placed in the grid horizontally.

-“Memory Match”: On each slide, there are 8 contrastive word sets hidden beneath cards. Remove the cards to find the matching snakes. There are two pairs of matching snakes per slide.

For a full video tutorial, visit: https://youtu.be/MCAUNDeDUEM

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Arielle Rubinstein

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