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Identifying and Labeling Language Bundle | 14-Deck Boom Cards Bundle ($12 Value)

This BOOM CARDS™ bundle contains 14 decks with language activities targeting the receptive language skill of identifying and the expressive language skill of labeling. Most decks contain 15+ real photos, maximizing functionality and generalization!


– Identifying Common Objects (Field of 2)

– Identifying Common Objects (Field of 4)

– Identifying Verbs (Field of 2)

– Identifying Verbs (Field of 4)

– Identifying Present Progressive Verbs (Field of 2)


– Identifying Present Progressive Verbs (Field of 4)

– Identifying Object Function

– Identifying Body Parts

– Identifying Colors


– Labeling Common Objects

– Labeling Verbs

– Labeling Present Progressive Verbs

– Labeling Body Parts

– Labeling Colors

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Brianna Puentes

Brianna Puentes


I’m Brianna Puentes, a pediatric SLP based in a children’s hospital. I create functional, engaging speech therapy Boom Cards using REAL photographs! I also share fun therapy ideas on my blog!

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