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Tic Tac Toe Articulation Bundle | 15-Deck Boom Cards Bundle ($15 Value)

This growing bundle is bursting with tic-tac-toe games targeting a variety of speech sounds! Play a game of tic-tac-toe and practice the target sound as you drag Xs and Os over the pictures of target words. To win, get 3 in a row! All new decks added to this bundle are automatically downloaded to your Boom Library for FREE!  This bundle currently contains 15 decks, but more speech sound tic-tac-toe games are planned and coming soon! Most decks have 15-30 real photos, maximizing functionality and generalization!


Initial:  S, R, L, K, G, F, V, T, D TH, SH, CH

Blends:  S-Blends, L-Blends

Final: R


Initial:  P, B, M, N, Z, J

Blends:  R-Blends, W-Blends

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Brianna Puentes

Brianna Puentes


I’m Brianna Puentes, a pediatric SLP based in a children’s hospital. I create functional, engaging speech therapy Boom Cards using REAL photographs! I also share fun therapy ideas on my blog!

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