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Back to School Negation NO PREP Categories and Language Activity | Boom Cards Deck ($2.50 Value)

This Boom Cards™ interactive receptive language activity was designed to work on the concept of negation. There are 2 levels for this activity.  For the first level, move the eraser and cover the item that is NOT like the other objects. For the second level, you will move the eraser to find the item that is NOT in the same group or category. 


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Shannon Archer

Shannon Archer

A Gift of Speech

Howdy!  I am a Texas SLP living in San Diego.  I work in the school system as well as private practice.  I love creating FUNctional activities for my kiddos and fellow SLPs/SLPA’s.  I believe you can’t have functional therapy without the FUN. So let’s have FUN and help kids TALK BACK!