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Thanksgiving Speech and Language Activities | Boom Cards Deck

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This Thanksgiving speech and language BOOM Cards™ deck contains eight activities targeting articulation, expressive, and receptive language skills. Areas targeted include: sequencing/recall; reading comprehension (fiction and nonfiction texts), sentence formulation with conjunctions; synonyms/antonyms; inferencing; multiple meaning words; and articulation stories. It is geared toward upper elementary school students. The breakdown of activities is as follows:

-cards 2-18- [sequencing/recall]-bake a cornbread and recall the steps (field of 3); sound effects included

-cards 19-28 [nonfiction text comprehension]- learn about wild turkeys; answer questions from a visual field of 3

-cards 29-33 [conjunctions]-formulate sentences regarding Thanksgiving picture scenes using a list of coordinating and subordinating conjunctions

-cards 34-43 [synonyms & antonyms]- fill the cornucopia with the correct synonym or antonym

-cards 44-55 [fiction text comprehension]- read a Thanksgiving story and answer wh- questions from a visual field of 3; story elements chart included

-cards 56-65 [inferencing]- guess the correct Thanksgiving food described on the menu board from a visual field of 5 picture options

-cards 66-75 [multiple meaning words]- guess the correct multiple meaning word from a visual field of 2

-cards 77-82 [articulation]- articulation fill-in-the-blank Thanksgiving stories targeting the following sounds: [k,g]; [f,v]; [s,z, s blends]; [sh, ch]; [l, l blends]; [r, r blends]

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Arielle Rubinstein

Arielle Rubinstein

The Speech Shack

Hi, I’m Arielle! I’m a school-based SLP working with preschool and elementary students in a large public school district in NJ. I enjoy creating interactive resources targeting articulation, phonology, and language. I mostly create digital resources but am working on making printables as well!

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