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Winter Early Language Activities | Boom Cards Deck

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This comprehensive winter language BOOM Cards™️ unit addresses the following expressive and receptive language skills: directions (spatial concepts/attributes), sentence formulation/expanding MLU, regular plurals, sequencing pictures, associations, and categories. Visual sentence strips are included. The unit includes three open ended games. The breakdown of tasks consists of the following by card:

-cards 3-4: sorting (mittens) by colors/pattern

-cards 5-13: identifying spatial concepts in pictures

-cards 14-22: following directions with spatial concepts

-cards 23-36: following directions with attributes (colors/patterns)

-card 38: clothing vocabulary board

-cards 39-45: dress the snow kid (6 skin tones included); visual sentence strips included

-card 47: (winter) verb vocabulary board

-cards 48-51: subject-verb sentence formulation with picture scenes (with sentence strips)

-cards 52-61: plural picture identification (with sentence strips)

-cards 62-65: sequencing pictures field of 4 (4 examples)

-cards 66-75: associations (match the snow globe sphere to the base); 30 examples

-cards 76-85: feed the character categories (field of 3) (with sentence strip)

-cards 86-94: open ended games (find the yeti, mitten dress-up game, tic-tac-toe); sentence strips included

Watch a Youtube tutorial here for more information.

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Arielle Rubinstein

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