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AAC Categories & Navigation Building Core Words and Fringe Vocabulary | Boom Cards Deck

($3.50 Value)

Are you looking for an activity to build AAC navigation and categorization skills? This NO PREP interactive activity is just what you need. Have fun navigating to core and fringe AAC vocabulary words within category folders. Once you have found the category, connect and have fun with the interactive pages. Combining AAC FUN with function!

Volume 3 includes the following categories: about me, people, pronouns, prepositions, things, verbs, punctuation, and little words. There are multiple practice opportunities per page.


This product is included in the Winter & Holiday Bundle:

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Shannon Archer

Shannon Archer

A Gift of Speech

Howdy!  I am a Texas SLP living in San Diego.  I work in the school system as well as private practice.  I love creating FUNctional activities for my kiddos and fellow SLPs/SLPA’s.  I believe you can’t have functional therapy without the FUN. So let’s have FUN and help kids TALK BACK!