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Christmas Problem Solving and Social Skills | Boom Cards Deck ($5.00 Value)

This Christmas problem solving and social skills deck is perfect for targeting Christmas social inferencing skills, cause and effect, narratives, perspective-taking, predicting outcomes, social problem-solving skills, and prevention of the problem.

This Christmas problem solving deck contains the following:

– 1 Card for the fall image menu for problem solving with draggable instructions

– 10 Drawn images showing various Christmas problem solving situations

– Each drawn image contains (4) Cards to (1) infer and explain, (2) predict and project, (3) perform problem solving, and (4) zoom in the photo with a draggable prompt card (click on check or x-mark to determine if the answer is right or wrong)

        This product is included in the Winter & Holiday Bundle:

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        Monica Molmisa

        Monica Molmisa

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        Hi, I am Monica! I am a certified SLP in the Philippines in a private practice setting. I create fun and interactive digital learning materials for language, social language and pragmatics, as well as AAC.

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