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Christmas Language Vocabulary UnitĀ |

Boom Cards Deck ($5.00 Value)

These Christmas vocabulary activities let your students practice language skills in an engaging Christmas theme! Each section targets Christmas vocabulary.

šŸŽ„Ā Inferencing & Predicting: engage your students with moving the magic magnifying glass to find the hidden messages in the lights!
šŸŽ„Ā Categories: 10 cards with pick and click answers

šŸŽ„Ā WH Questions: 15 cards of what, where, and who questions with pick and click answersĀ 

šŸŽ„Ā Describing: 12 pages of feeding 4 different Christmas characters some goodies while answering 5 questions (what it is, parts, look, action, and where it’s found)

šŸŽ„Ā Bonus Christmas vocabulary page for easy reference and to talk about any of the items! Use this open-ended page for discussion, categories, describing, compare and contrast, asking and answering, etc.

This product is included in the Winter & Holiday Bundle:

About the Author

Micah Sanders

Micah Sanders

In Unison Speech Therapy

Hi there, Iā€™m Micah, a SLP in Oregon. I create (mostly) digital materials targeting articulation, phonology, and language that are easy prep for you and engaging for your students!

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