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Thanksgiving Nouns, Verbs, Qualities and Quantities: Vocabulary Building Basic Concepts | Boom Cards Deck ($4.00 Value)

This Thanksgiving Basic Concepts Boom Cards deck targets identifying basic language concepts such as nouns, verbs, qualitative concepts (adjectives), quantitative concepts (one to one correspondence) using a Thanksgiving theme. Each segment has 10 items.

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    This Thanksgiving Basic Concepts deck contains:

    Card 1 – Thanksgiving Basic Language Concepts Menu Card

    Card 2 – Card 11 – Thanksgiving Noun Basic Concepts, Field of 3 Targets: cornucopia, football, turkey, acorn, potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie, hat, corn, leaf

    Card 12 – Card 21 – Thanksgiving Verbs Basic Concepts, Field of 2 in GIF form Targets: dancing, baking, hugging, eating, walking, flying, jumping, climbing, picking, sailing

    Card 22 – Card 31 – Thanksgiving Qualities Basic Concepts, Field of 2 Targets: hungry, full (feeling), warm, cold, spicy, salty, sweet, sour, blunt, sharp

    Card 32 – Card 41 – Thanksgiving Quantities Basic Concepts, Field of 2 Targets: plenty, few, less, more, empty, full, whole, part, one, all

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