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Winter Articulation Find the Hidden Yetis for S Z R L |

Boom Cards Deck ($5.50 Value)

This Winter articulation game targets L, S, Z, R, and separated Vocalic R sounds while finding hidden yetis! Each card also has an articulation visual support.

Move cards to the discard pile after the student says the target word. When a yeti is found, take them home to their igloo! Shuffled yetis move each time you play.

❄️ 12 targets each for L, S, and Z initial, medial, and final, R initial, vocalic AIR, AR, EAR, ER, IRE, and OR 

This product is included in the Winter & Holiday Bundle:

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Micah Sanders

Micah Sanders

In Unison Speech Therapy

Hi there, I’m Micah, a SLP in Oregon. I create (mostly) digital materials targeting articulation, phonology, and language that are easy prep for you and engaging for your students!

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