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Winter Articulation Penguin Games Bundle |

8 Boom Cards Decks ($16.00 Value)

This collection of 8 winter articulation Boom Card decks targets S, S blends, R, L, K, G, F and V! Swipe each penguin up to reveal which target word is hiding behind!  Most decks have 15+ unique, real photos to maximize functionality and generalization!


Initial:  S, R, L, K, G, F, V

Blends:  S-Blends

Preview the initial S winter articulation deck here!


This product is included in the Winter & Holiday Bundle:

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Brianna Puentes

Brianna Puentes


I’m Brianna Puentes, a pediatric SLP based in a children’s hospital. I create functional, engaging speech therapy Boom Cards using REAL photographs! I also share fun therapy ideas on my blog!

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