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Winter Sequencing and Retelling | Boom Cards Deck

($3.00 Value)

This Winter Sequencing and Retell Boom Cards deck contains 8 scenarios that can be used to target sequencing of four-step events, retelling, answering WH questions, narrative production, and more. Each Winter Sequencing Story has three cards –

(1) Winter Sequencing Story Discussion Card – with draggable pictures (bottom right) and draggable prompt card with clickable buttons (bottom left);

(2) Winter Sequencing Card;

(3) Retell Card – with a draggable picture prompt (bottom left) and transition words list (bottom right). Drag the instructions on the top right part to have an overview and to know how to use this winter sequencing deck.

    This product is included in the Winter & Holiday Bundle:

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    Monica Molmisa

    Monica Molmisa

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    Hi, I am Monica! I am a certified SLP in the Philippines in a private practice setting. I create fun and interactive digital learning materials for language, social language and pragmatics, as well as AAC.

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