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Apraxia High Rep Play Collection |

4 Boom Cards Decks ($20.00 Value)

This BOOM CARDS™ bundle contains 4 individual decks, each targeting different types of consonant-vowel (CV) combinations within engaging, interactive activities. Get hundreds of repetitions by completing each deck! Cue the child to produce each target word (one-by-one) as they complete the activity on each page. These simple, minimally-distracting cards use REAL photographs to maximize functionality/generalization and can be easily paired with any game or activity. These decks are perfect for children with apraxia (CAS), dysarthria, articulation disorder, and/or overall decreased intelligibility. 


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Brianna Puentes

Brianna Puentes


I’m Brianna Puentes, a pediatric SLP based in a children’s hospital. I create functional, engaging speech therapy Boom Cards using REAL photographs! I also share fun therapy ideas on my blog!

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