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Articulation Coloring Sheets for Later Sounds | Printable ($6 Value)

These no-prep printable and digital Articulation Coloring Pages help your students practice their speech sounds with coloring sheets and fun mandala / zentangle type coloring letters! They can also be printed 2 or 4 per page to make articulation coloring books. Each sound has 4 pages: cover, initial sounds, medial, and final. Includes F, V, K, G, S, L, Z, J, CH, SH, TH, R initial, separated vocalic R, and separated S R L initial blends.

Perfect for:

  • Engaging students beyond worksheets
  • Sending home for homework
  • Giving students a chance to slow down and unwind
  • Giving yourself a break – simply print and go with minimal supplies needed
  • Adding extra repetitions with dice, number, or count and say cards
  • Drawing words with the target sound on the title pages

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About the Author

Micah Sanders

Micah Sanders

In Unison Speech Therapy

Hi there, I’m Micah, a SLP in Oregon. I create (mostly) digital materials targeting articulation, phonology, and language that are easy prep for you and engaging for your students!

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