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Baseball Language Activities  | Boom Cards Deck 

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This BOOM Cards™ speech and language unit covers a range of baseball themed activities for upper elementary and middle school students. The breakdown of task cards is below:

-cards 2-9: receptive vocabulary- identify baseball related vocabulary terms from a field of 4 pictures; real photos included

-cards 10-19: inferencing- read the clues on the baseball trading card. Move the baseball mitt in the center of the slide to reveal the item. Includes a visual sentence strip.

-cards 20-31: expressive vocabulary- click on the interactive baseball diamond to learn more about each baseball position. Read about the baseball position and define the target vocabulary word in the fillable text box.


-cards 32-42: text comprehension- read the nonfiction text regarding baseball rules and answer “wh” questions (multiple choice; field of 4)

-cards 43-52: context clues-read the sentence written on the white baseball. Match the underlined word to its appropriate definition on the corresponding yellow baseball.

-cards 53-66: story comprehension- read 3 fictional short stories about baseball and answer -wh questions [field of 3 picture options included]

-cards 67-76: complete the sentence with the appropriate irregular past tense verb. Drag the ticket with the appropriate irregular past tense verb into the ticket booth and press submit.

-cards 77-87: baseball articulation- Click on the baseballs and race to say your words. Includes 15 words per page; targets f, s, l, r, open ended. Score boards included.

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Arielle Rubinstein

Arielle Rubinstein

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Hi, I’m Arielle! I’m a school-based SLP working with preschool and elementary students in a large public school district in NJ. I enjoy creating interactive resources targeting articulation, phonology, and language. I mostly create digital resources but am working on making printables as well!

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