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Community Helpers Wh Questions | Boom Cards Deck ($5.00 Value)

This all-new WH Questions and teaching community helpers has 35 Boom Cards and over 80 community members! You can target building vocabulary, increasing utterances, answering questions, and more.

Target the following WH questions:

1. Community Helpers (Who WH Questions)

  • Who is this person (community member)?

2. Community Helper’s Tools (What WH Questions)

  • What does the community member do?
  • What does the community helper use?
  • What vehicle does the community helper drive/ride?

3. Community Places (Where WH Questions)

  • Where do the community helpers work?

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Monica Molmisa

Monica Molmisa

Speak and Teach PH

Hi, I am Monica! I am a certified SLP in the Philippines in a private practice setting. I create fun and interactive digital learning materials for language, social language and pragmatics, as well as AAC.

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