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Dragon and Castle Craft for Artic, Phonology and Language | Printable ($3.50 Value)

Have some fun learning about fairy tales and dragons with this popsicle stick craftivity! This product includes a dragon and castle template and targets for the following goals:

Articulation: initial, medial, and final /K, G, F, V, J, L, S, R, CH, SH, TH/

Phonology: Final Consonant Deletion, Initial Consonant Deletion, Fronting, Backing, Cluster Reduction, Stopping, Gliding, Prevocalic Voicing, Syllable Reduction, Syllable Structure

Language: Regular Verbs, Irregular Verbs, Regular Plurals, Irregular Plurals, Pronouns, Objective Function, Adjectives, Synonyms, Antonyms, Multiple Meaning, Categories, Associations

There is also a page with carrier phrases for students working at higher level contexts.

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Kelly Leis

Kelly Leis

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Hello! My name is Kelly and I am a school-based SLP in Georgia. I love creating interactive and engaging print and digital materials that can address a variety of needs!

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