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Grammar: Summer Verbs | Boom Cards Deck ($2.50 Value)

Practice using present, past, and future tense verbs in this NO PREP Boom Cards™ grammar activity. The characters are busy getting ready for summer fun. Can you guess the correct sentence to describe what the characters are doing? Perfect for practicing verbs with present tense, future tense, and past tense.

What is included in the summer NO PREP Verbs Activity:

20 Boom Cards identifying the correct verb

18 Boom Cards Identifying the correct verb tense in sentences

18 Boom Cards for writing the correct verb for past, present, and future tense

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Shannon Archer

Shannon Archer

A Gift of Speech

Howdy!  I am a Texas SLP living in San Diego.  I work in the school system as well as private practice.  I love creating FUNctional activities for my kiddos and fellow SLPs/SLPA’s.  I believe you can’t have functional therapy without the FUN. So let’s have FUN and help kids TALK BACK!