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Perspective Taking Game ⎸ Printable ($4.00 Value)

Students will develop flexible thinking while having tons of fun playing games with their peers. Help students become flexible thinkers by asking them to consider what others like or don’t like, and how much they like or don’t like each scenario.

What’s Included:

  • Instructions on How to Play
  • Table of Contents
  • Four in a Row game boards (3) in full size and photo box size
  • 75 scenario cards
  • 5 Preference Rating Cards 
  • Student peer-tracking Template in full size and photo box size
  • Blank (fillable) game boards & card sets in full size and photo box size
  • Spinners for 3 players or 4 player games

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About the Author

Lisa Cytrynbaum

Lisa Cytrynbaum


Hi, I’m Lisa, an SLP in Vancouver Canada with my own private practice. I create fun and functional no prep resources to make life easier for my fellow SLPs, and to help them keep clients engaged while learning.

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