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Safari Language Activities | Boom Cards Deck ($8.00 Value)

This huge Safari-themed Boom Cards™ deck contains TONS of language opportunities and targets a variety of goals such as language function (requesting, commenting), language content (attribution, spatial concepts), increasing MLU, answering yes/no and WH questions and more. It is a deck that can be used across your caseload.

It contains the following:

✨Card 1 – Cover Card

✨Card 2 – Menu Card

✨Card 3 – Card 5 – Safari Animals Vocab and I see

✨Card 6 – Card 8 – Make a Safari Map for Requesting (Put) and Spatial Concepts

✨Card 9 – 13 – Part Whole Relationships and Early Inferencing of Safari Animals

✨Card 14 – Card 23 – Describing Hidden Safari Animals with Prompt Guide

✨Card 24 – Menu for Color Progression

✨Card 25 – Card 36 – 6 Cards for yes/no re: object name and 6 cards for yes/no re: object function

✨Card 37 – Card 48 – What Questions re: object function

✨Card 49 – Card 60 – Where Questions re: places in the house and community places

✨Card 61 – Card 72 – Who Questions re: Community Helpers

✨Card 73 – Requesting I want

✨Card 74 – Card 80 – Shape Patterns as reinforcers for articulation goals

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    Monica Molmisa

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    Hi, I am Monica! I am a certified SLP in the Philippines in a private practice setting. I create fun and interactive digital learning materials for language, social language and pragmatics, as well as AAC.

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