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“Speech Therapy in the Clouds” Activity ⎸ Boom Cards Deck ($5.00 Value)

A no-prep ANIMAL THEME resource you can use with all your younger speech/language students. Includes tons of FUN activities and visual language support strips to accompany so many therapy goals! Use this Boom™ deck with all of your K to grade 3 students.

What’s Included?

⭐️ 90 Practice cards

⭐️ 8 Different language activities

• Matching – match cloud shapes to animals

• Yes/No Questions – do given animals have the named part… fur? wIngs?

• Where Questions – who lives in the farm / ocean / jungle / woods

• Core Phrases – “I see a…, I found #…., It looks like a…”

• Describing – choose which 2 of 4 descriptions match the animal

• Inferencing – Based on 3 clues, guess the hidden animal

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About the Author

Lisa Cytrynbaum

Lisa Cytrynbaum


Hi, I’m Lisa, an SLP in Vancouver Canada with my own private practice. I create fun and functional no prep resources to make life easier for my fellow SLPs, and to help them keep clients engaged while learning.

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