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Spring Find the Hidden Insects Artic Boom Cards SZLR | Boom Cards ($5 Value)

Perfect for in person or virtual speech therapy, these Spring Articulation Boom Cards help your students practice their speech sounds while finding hidden insects! This no prep no print spring articulation activity features 12 targets for S, Z, and L initial, medial, and final for a total of 36 target words for each sound. There are also 12 targets for R initial and 12 each for Vocalic R AIR, AR, EAR, ER, IRE, and OR separated.

Students say their target word and drag the picture card to the discard pile. Once a hidden bug is found, collect it in the jar! The insects are shuffled so they’ll move each time you play. Articulation visuals are on every page.

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Micah Sanders

Micah Sanders

In Unison Speech Therapy

Hi there, I’m Micah, a SLP in Oregon. I create (mostly) digital materials targeting articulation, phonology, and language that are easy prep for you and engaging for your students!

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