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Spring Problem Solving | Boom Cards Deck ($5.00 Value)

This is perfect for targeting social inferencing, cause and effect, narratives, perspective-taking, predicting outcomes, problem solving, and prevention of the problem.

It contains the following:

  • 1 Card for the image menu with draggable instructions
  • 10 Drawn images showing spring situations
  • Each Drawn image contains (4) Cards to (1) infer and explain, (2) predict and project, (3) problem solve, and (4) zoom in the photo with draggable prompt card (click on check or x-mark to determine if the answer is right or wrong)

This product is included in the following bundles:

About the Author

Monica Molmisa

Monica Molmisa

Speak and Teach PH

Hi, I am Monica! I am a certified SLP in the Philippines in a private practice setting. I create fun and interactive digital learning materials for language, social language and pragmatics, as well as AAC.

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