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[3 PRODUCTS] Spatial Concepts In front, Next to, Between, In, Out, On, Off, Under, Over, Near, Far | Boom Cards ($9 Value)

Perfect for special education and speech therapy, this Spring Basic Concepts Boom Cards Bundle lets your students practice Spatial Concepts in a fun and engaging spring theme! These no prep no print spring activities feature 12 total spatial concepts:

  • Deck 1: in, out, on, off
  • Deck 2: over, under, near, far
  • Deck 3: in front, behind, next to, between

Students are asked to pick and click the answer from a choice of three. Each deck has 2 differentiated levels:

  • Level 1: 5 cards/concept that go in order, with one teaching page/concept that includes two written/visual examples and an animated GIF.
  • Level 2: 20 mixed deck concepts.

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Micah Sanders

Micah Sanders

In Unison Speech Therapy

Hi there, I’m Micah, a SLP in Oregon. I create (mostly) digital materials targeting articulation, phonology, and language that are easy prep for you and engaging for your students!

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