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“Stuck on Artic” Print and Go Cut and Paste Activities | Printable ($3 Value)

Print and go with these no prep cactus cut & paste articulation worksheets. Target sounds included are initial position /k, g, f, v, j, l, s, r, ch, sh, th/ and r-blends. The target sounds are listed on the bottom of each page for easy reference.

Print out the needed pages. Have students cut out the target pictures and practice as they are gluing them on the page. You can also introduce a spinner or dice for students to practice an increased number of times. For practice in higher level contexts, students can practice the words in structured phrases/sentences, such as “stuck on _______.”

The blank worksheet can be used with any articulation pictures resource.

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Kelly Leis

Kelly Leis

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Hello! My name is Kelly and I am a school-based SLP in Georgia. I love creating interactive and engaging print and digital materials that can address a variety of needs!

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