K-6 Digital Spring Bundle


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Safari Language Activities | Boom Cards ($8.00 Value)

Safari Language Activities | Boom Cards ($8.00 Value)

This huge Safari-themed Boom Cards™ deck contains TONS of language opportunities and targets a variety of goals such as language function (requesting, commenting), language content (attribution, spatial concepts), increasing MLU, answering yes/no and WH questions and more.

Language: Spring Describing | Boom Cards ($2.50 Value)

Language: Spring Describing | Boom Cards ($2.50 Value)

This spring describing Boom Cards™ deck includes 2 activities. In the first NO PREP activity, give 3 attributes to describe the vocabulary. Then create a sentence to describe the item/object. For the second part of the Boom Cards™ deck, choose the descriptors from the list for the spring vocabulary word. Fun and functional NO PREP describing by attributes for speech therapy.


How many resources are in the Ultimate Spring Digital Bundle?

This bundle includes 33 high-quality digital resources.

Are the materials in this bundle included in the Ultimate Spring Complete Bundle?

Yes! All of the materials in this bundle are also included in our Complete Spring Bundle. If you want these materials AND language/pragmatics resources for 80% off, purchasing the Complete Bundle is the best deal.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, we cannot offer refunds – but we are positive you’ll absolutely love it!

What if I need printable materials too?

If you need printable materials too, then the Complete Bundle is for you! The Complete Bundle includes both printable and digital materials.

What is the value of this bundle?

The cost of this bundle if you purchased each item individually is $133 – you save $103!

Which creators contributed to the Ultimate Spring Digital Bundle?

The following creators contributed to this bundle: Micah from In Unison Speech Therapy, Michelle from Pep Talk, Brianna from Bri-SLP, Lisa from Cytrynspeech, Arielle from The Speech Shack, Shannon from A Gift of Speech, Monica from Speak and Teach PH, Samantha from Shine Speech Activities, and Heather from Speech Your Mind.

What if I already own one of the products in this bundle?

Because this bundle contains so many resources at such a steep discount, you’ll still be getting an awesome deal even if you already own any of the included resources.